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Update: City plans for De Anza Point do not protect wetlands

11/29/16 Update: You can email your comments directly to the City via, if you don’t want to participate in their full online engagement activity here. For suggestions on what to say, keep scrolling.

The City of San Diego has a once in a lifetime chance to protect wetlands in Mission Bay when they “revitalize” De Anza Point (part of the ReWild Mission Bay study area). Unfortunately, the plans they released on November 7th do little to safeguard the future of Mission Bay’s natural resources and do not restore meaningful public access to this piece of San Diego’s beloved coastline.

Don’t let special interests dictate the future of our coast.
Click here and tell the City: wetlands matter for wildlife AND our communities.

We know what wetlands provide to our communities: cleaner water, chances to play in nature, a buffer against sea level rise, habitat for wildlife, and more. Wetlands protect us, now we need to protect them. The City planners in charge of the De Anza Revitalization Plan will be accepting online comments from now until November 30th (Update: Online comments will be accepted through December 8th). Commenting on their three draft plans and sharing your priorities for the northeast corner of Mission Bay is key to making sure wetlands thrive.

We encourage you to tell the City the following:

  • Wetlands provide cleaner water, opportunities to play in nature, protection from climate change, and homes for endangered animals.  The narrow strips of wetlands “restoration” in the City’s plans will do little to improve water quality in Mission Bay Park, would provide minimal habitat for wildlife and sensitive species, and does not safeguard the wetlands from sea level rise, human disturbance, and erosion.
  • We encourage the City to use recommendations from the existing Mission Bay Master Plan, which calls for action at De Anza that improves water quality, expands/safeguards wetlands habitat, and provides access.
  • The City says they want to “balance” recreation, environment, and commerce in Mission Bay. City planners should not seek to do this just at De Anza but instead look at how this project can help balance the entire park.
  • Any plans should be sustainable in terms of sea level rise and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The City should use input from ReWild Mission Bay, including the technical reports and input from three public meetings (with >100 comments/attendees at each meeting), to inform their plans for De Anza.
  • This is one of the last chances to restore wetlands in Southern California, 90% of which have been destroyed. Let’s protect the San Diego coastline so wildlife AND communities can thrive.

Go here to review their plans and provide your input. It’s the best way you can help make sure wetlands are protected.