Meaningful Wetland Restoration

Our ReWild Coalition continues to grow with a cross section of key conservation organizations, labor unions, civic and public health groups, tribal leaders, and neighborhood stakeholders, each determined to work through political, public and activist channels to realize our goal of wetland restoration in the northeast corner Mission Bay.

Our public park can be improved to:

  • Restore the habitat that wildlife and humans rely on and benefit from.
  • Improve the water quality of Mission Bay and Rose Creek.
  • Make our communities more resilient to sea level rise and our climate crisis.
  • Enable the removal of barriers to accessing our shared shoreline for underserved communities.
  • Provide new opportunities for education, research, and recreation in a thriving coastal wetland.

We can do it – and we’ll go further together. If your organization or community group would like to come on board as part of the growing ReWild Coalition, please contact our team today.

ReWild Coalition Members

Budget Request Letters of Support

ReWild Feasibility Study Funding and Sharing

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