Area Birds Featured for Endangered Species Day

Last Friday was Endangered Species Day, and San Diego Audubon, the parent organization of ReWild, spent the week spotlighting and celebrating local San Diego birds that benefit from protections extended by the 1973 Endangered Species Act (ESA), and the resulting protection of habitat. In a number of cases, these endangered birds have seen their numbers rebound and species saved as a result of the ESA, which has, unfortunately, seen a number of enforcement rollbacks the last three years. See the featured birds here.

Union-Tribune: “Wildest” Gives Council Clear Choice

David Garrick filed a story in the April 15th edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune detailing our effort to restore over 200 acres of natural marshland to the northeast corner of Mission Bay at the mouth of Rose Creek, along with an update on the city’s consideration of examining the “Wildest” option for wetland restoration in Mission Bay at the same level of detail as their preferred alternative. Featuring quotes from ReWild Mission Bay campaign director Andrew Meyer, you can read the story here.

As the World Terns: California Least Tern Nesting Sites

We’re reaching out to enforcement agencies about something they may have never encountered on the job: endangered species in heavily-used public spaces. As physical distancing remains a necessity, less humans are visiting outdoor destinations. In Mission Bay, endangered California Least Terns may respond to the lack of humans by expanding their nesting areas into places that could be impacted once humans return. Help us ensure a line of communication is in place to safeguard terns now.

In the Midst of the Pandemic, Our Effort Continues

As we’ve learned the last several weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has thoroughly altered our daily lives, and profoundly affected our normal course of business and advocacy. As we navigate this unusual moment in history and maintain physical distancing, we’re continuing our work from home as best we can. If possible, consider writing an op/ed piece in support of ReWild Mission Bay. Express what Mission Bay Park means to you, and why you’re a passionate supporter of wetland restoration.

ReWild Coalition Rally at City Hall

Thanks to everyone from the ReWild Coalition who joined us at San Diego City Hall on March 11th as we rallied ahead of the city’s Budget Committee meeting and spoke with press and media about the need for Mayor Faulconer to include a budget line for a new “Wildest” wetland alternative in the Mission Bay Park planning process. Additional thanks to those who joined us on the 12th floor to make remarks, and to the members of our ReWild Coalition who spoke at our rally.

Another Incredible Love Your Wetlands Day

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Love Your Wetlands Day at Kendall-Frost Reserve on Feb. 1st, with a special thanks to our coalition partners, and all the elected officials and candidates who stopped by our daylong event and made remarks. See all the Love Your Wetlands Day photos at our Flickr account, and tell your friends and family about the extraordinary, ongoing opportunity to restore wetlands at Mission Bay and enable carbon sequestration, cleaner water, and greater habitat.

“Wildest” Included in Councilmember Budget Requests

Great news as the “Wildest” wetland restoration proposal has been included in the 2021 San Diego City Council budget priorities report from the city’s independent budget analyst. Five councilmembers (Bry, D-1; Campbell, D-2; Ward, D-3; Moreno, D-8; Gómez, D-9) have requested additional funding to include the Wildest option as an alternative within the De Anza Revitalization Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

Times of San Diego: Restored Wetlands Will Help Save Birds

ReWild Mission Bay campaign director Andrew Meyer and campaign coordinator Tommy Hough co-authored a Times of San Diego piece detailing how wetland restoration and the implementation of the Wildest proposal in northeast Mission Bay may help recover diversity and abundance in the region’s resident and migratory birds, all the more critical in light of a new report from the National Audubon Society that finds two-thirds of North American bird species vulnerable to extinction due to climate change.

Audubon Secures Key Concessions on De Anza Leases

While the June 24 lease deal between Campland and the City of San Diego postpones implementation of the “Wildest” wetland restoration plan in northeast Mission Bay for up to eight years and undercuts the public planning process already underway, the San Diego Audubon Society with input from the ReWild Coalition reached an agreement with Campland and the city on Oct. 7 that guarantees a pair of key components as part of Campland’s expanded leases. Read our entire statement here.

An Incredible Day at Kendall-Frost Marsh

No one ever said ReWild Mission Bay can’t throw a party, especially when we’re working with our friends at San Diego 350 on the first ever March to the Marsh in support of the Global Climate Walkout. A huge thanks to everyone who took part, especially the students of Mission Bay High School, San Diego City College and the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District. It was their day to call for climate action. Our leaders would do well to listen.

Times of San Diego: Wetland Restoration Critical

Long-time San Diego environmentalist and San Diego Audubon board member Jim Peugh made the case for ReWild Mission Bay and a cleaner, revitalized northeast corner of Mission Bay in a recent opinion piece in Times of San Diego. Read the story, and share it with friends and family as we keep the pressure on elected officials to act now in order to take advantage of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get the revitalization of Mission Bay Park right.

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