A project of the San Diego Audubon Society and our ReWild Coalition of 75 community partners, ReWild Mission Bay seeks to enhance and restore the natural wetlands in the northeast corner of Mission Bay.
We’re working to ensure cleaner water, greater climate resiliency, increased carbon sequestration, and improved public access along our shared bayfront.

Support Wildest at the City’s Parks and Recreation Board July 20th!

It’s been a busy year asking you to support ReWild at various community meetings — and without fail you’ve been there.
Now we need you again this Thursday, July 20th, to advocate for Wildest-level restoration at the July meeting of the city’s Parks and Recreation Board at Balboa Park.

And please continue to make the case for maximum wetland restoration to your city councilmember and Mayor Gloria — and in person at Parks and Rec. meeting this Thursday, July 20th, from 2 to 5 p.m. The agenda is linked here.

Fast Facts About Mission Bay

  • Mission Bay comprises 4,600 acres of water, outlined by 27 miles of shoreline.
  • At least 144 bird species and 56 native plant species call Mission Bay home, including several endangered species.
  • The northeast corner of Mission Bay was once a vast salt marsh wetland, fueled by the combination of ocean salt water and the fresh water of Rose Creek.
  • After being modified after World War II with the San Diego River channeled directly into the sea, and with many native species and ecosystems removed, Mission Bay is the largest human-made aquatic recreational area in the U.S.
  • Mission Bay provides opportunities for residents and tourists to enjoy the outdoors. More than 15 million visitors visit Mission Bay every year.

Kumeyaay Communities

The northeast corner of Mission Bay is the historic home of the Indigenous Kumeyaay communities of ‘Iipay and Tipai. Along with our conservation and restoration mission, ReWild Mission Bay continues to work with our Kumeyaay neighbors to create greater opportunities for natural and cultural reconnection in an area which the Kumeyaay called home for many centuries, and from which they were only recently displaced.

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