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Restored Wetlands in Mission Bay Will Help Save Birds

ReWild Mission Bay continues to advocate for wetland restoration and our “Wildest” proposal in northeast Mission Bay, in part to recover the diversity and abundance of resident and migratory bay-dependent birds. A new report from the National Audubon Society finds two-thirds of North American bird species vulnerable to extinction due to climate change. We’re confident restoration of native Mission Bay wetlands will help birds, and humans, address this threat. Read the report here.

Audubon Secures Key Concessions on De Anza Leases

While the June 24 lease deal between Campland and the City of San Diego postpones implementation of the “Wildest” wetland restoration plan in northeast Mission Bay for up to eight years and undercuts the public planning process already underway, the San Diego Audubon Society with input from the ReWild Coalition reached an agreement with Campland and the city on Oct. 7 that guarantees a pair of key components as part of Campland’s expanded leases. Read our entire statement here.

An Incredible Day at Kendall-Frost Marsh

No one ever said ReWild Mission Bay can’t throw a party, especially when we’re working with our friends at San Diego 350 on the first ever March to the Marsh in support of the Global Climate Walkout. A huge thanks to everyone who took part, especially the students of Mission Bay High School, San Diego City College and the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District. It was their day to call for climate action. Our leaders would do well to listen.

Clairemont Town Council Endorses “Wildest” Option

Great news as the Clairemont Town Council has endorsed ReWild Mission Bay’s “Wildest” option for wetland restoration in the northeast corner of Mission Bay. Citing a loss of native wetland habitat and the expected sea level rise by 2100, the Clairemont Town Council noted in their letter to San Diego City Council that the Wildest option marked a baseline departure point from which to consider an overall revitalization of Mission Bay Park in a manner to ensure climate resiliency for the next 80 years.

Times of San Diego: Wetland Restoration Critical

Long-time San Diego environmentalist Jim Peugh made the case for ReWild Mission Bay and a cleaner, greener, revitalized northeast corner of Mission Bay in an opinion piece in Times of San Diego. Read the story, and share it with friends and family. Our job is to keep the pressure on elected officials and to plan now in order to take advantage of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get the revitalization of Mission Bay Park right.

Clean Water, Climate Resiliency, Renewed Habitat

San Diego Audubon ReWild Mission Bay summaryFollow us on Facebook and Instagram, and view the ReWild Mission Bay Feasibility Study and summary report. And don’t miss your opportunity to have your say about the future of a restored and “ReWilded” Mission Bay. Your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues are a critical component of our coalition, and we’ll need your voice in the years ahead to ensure the vision of a Mission Bay Park as a restored natural environment, civic showpiece, and unique educational, ecological and recreation destination comes to pass.

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