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ReWild Mission Bay Coalition Remains Strong, Focused

Despite the setback to restoring wetlands at Mission Bay in the next several years, we can’t begin to express the magnitude of our thanks to YOU for your support, your efforts making signs and wearing your ReWild shirts, and joining us at community meetings and council hearings over the last several years – and especially over the last several weeks. And we have so much more to do as our ReWild Mission Bay campaign and coalition continue to grow.

ReWild Statement on Approval of Mission Bay Leases

Our official ReWild Mission Bay statement on the 6-3 vote in San Diego City Council for approval of new leases for an RV camping vendor in the northeast corner of Mission Bay, which will preclude meaningful wetlands restoration for the foreseeable future. Special thanks to Council President Georgette Gómez, Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry and Councilmember Vivian Moreno for their votes against the measure. Read our entire statement here.

ReWild Mission Bay Coalition Adds New Partners

Two San Diego-based environmental organizations, San Diego Coastkeeper and Climate Action Campaign, recently signed onto a ReWild Mission Bay letter in opposition to new and extended leases in the northeast corner of Mission Bay that will preclude wetland restoration for years. The leases were granted by San Diego City Council on June 24.

San Diego Natural History Museum Letter Supports ReWild

In a letter to Councilmember Jennifer Campbell (D-2) in support of the ReWild Mission Bay campaign, San Diego Natural History Museum president and CEO Judy Gradwohl noted her concerns over water quality in Mission Bay, expected sea level rise in relation to areas of wetland already lost to development, and the value wetlands posses in naturally protecting coastal infrastructure. Read the entire letter here.

Local Media Covers ReWild Mission Bay Effort

Thank you to our local San Diego TV and media outlets for covering the ReWild Mission Bay coalition at recent community meetings and council hearings. Special thanks to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Times of San DiegoFox 5 San DiegoCBS News 8, ABC 10, NBC 7 and KUSI for filing stories on our effort to improve water quality, increase climate resilience, enhance wetland habitat, and enable greater public access of our bayfront.

Times of San Diego: Wetland Restoration Critical

San Diego environmentalist Jim Peugh recently made the case for ReWild Mission Bay and a cleaner, greener, revitalized northeast corner of Mission Bay in an opinion piece in Times of San Diego. Click here to read the story, and share this article with friends and family. We need to plan now in order to take advantage of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get the revitalization of Mission Bay Park right.

Clean Water, Climate Resiliency, Wetland Habitat

San Diego Audubon ReWild Mission Bay summaryFollow us on Facebook and Instagram, and view the ReWild Mission Bay Feasibility Study and summary report on-line. Don’t miss your opportunity to have your say about the future of a ReWilded Mission Bay – your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and YOU are a critical part of ensuring the vision of a Mission Bay Park that stands as a civic showpiece, and a uniquely Southern California educational, ecological and recreation destination. Thank you for your support!

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