Blog post: Why wetlands?

The importance and benefits of wetlands are numerous and expansive, but they often go unnoticed until they need our help. Think of it like your health: When you are healthy, you don’t think much about your health. It’s only when you become unhealthy that you notice how precious your health is and how important it is to take care of. It’s very much the same with wetlands– important, but often not noticed when functioning as normal. And that’s exactly where we are.

What are wetlands?

  • “Wetlands” is a catchall term for habitats that are at least periodically saturated with salt, fresh, or brackish water. In San Diego, this can include open water, bays, mud flats, eelgrass, salt marsh, transition/upland habitats, and rivers.
  • ReWild Mission Bay works to restore wetlands that form at the mouth of a river or creek – in this case, Rose Creek.

Why do healthy wetlands matter?

Why do healthy wetlands matter?

ReWild Mission Bay is our chance to protect and restore wetlands on public land so they can continue serving our community and giving all San Diegans access to a beautiful, healthy coastline.

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