Support the SEP at the Regional Water Quality Control Board

Tomorrow is a big day for the ReWild Mission Bay campaign as the Supplemental Environmental Project, or SEP, featuring the Wildest wetland restoration proposal goes before the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The meeting will come to order at 9 a.m. We hope you can join us and make remarks to the board in support of […]

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Join Us for Our Virtual “Support the SEP” Presentation

The city’s Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) goes before the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) for approval at their meeting this Wednesday, Oct. 14. We could use your help to ensure the board approves the SEP proposal. Approval of the SEP will enable the Wildest plan for wetland restoration that our coalition has been advocating for over […]

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Water Quality Control Board Decision on SEP Proposal Oct. 14

On Wednesday, Oct. 14, the Regional Water Quality Control Board will make its final determination on the city’s proposed Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) that would utilize Wildest consideration as mitigation for an earlier sewage spill in Tecolote Creek that affected water quality in Mission Bay. We’d like you and all of our ReWild Mission Bay supporters to comment […]

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TODAY: Deadline for Public Comments in Support of SEP Proposal

Today is the deadline to submit your public comments in support of the city’s Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP), undertaken as mitigation for an earlier sewage spill in Tecolote Canyon that affected and contaminated a portion of Mission Bay. If approved, the SEP will, in all likelihood, enable consideration of our “Wildest” wetland restoration proposal at the same level of […]

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ReWild Mission Bay Summer 2020 Update

We hope you’re enjoying your summer and staying safe and healthy. Even as the pandemic persists, we’re meeting virtually with policymakers and candidates, bringing new organizations into the ReWild Coalition, and we can now reveal a new opportunity to ensure consideration of the ReWild Mission Bay “Wildest” proposal by the city. But as always, we need […]


A New Front, and a New Opportunity, to Pursue Wetland Restoration in Mission Bay

It’s been a year since San Diego City Council greenlighted new and expanded RV camping leases in northeast Mission Bay, but we’ve recently confirmed that a long-awaited Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) by the city will examine the “Wildest” wetland restoration proposal at the same level of attention as the city’s own plan for wetland restoration […]