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Water Quality Control Board Decision on SEP Proposal Oct. 14

On Wednesday, Oct. 14, the Regional Water Quality Control Board will make its final determination on the city’s proposed Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) that would utilize Wildest consideration as mitigation for an earlier sewage spill in Tecolote Creek that affected water quality in Mission Bay.

We’d like you and all of our ReWild Mission Bay supporters to comment on the item when it comes up at that meeting. While the agenda for the Oct. 14 meeting hasn’t been posted yet, we expect it will begin at 9 a.m. We’ll post it as soon as it goes live on-line.

If approved, the SEP will finally enable consideration of the Wildest wetland restoration proposal at the same level of attention as the city’s existing plan, thereby giving city elected officials and policymakers greater information on wetland restoration in northeast Mission Bay, and a clearer, more defined choice on the matter.

As we noted earlier this summer, the SEP proposal indicates a desire on the part of the city to pursue “implementable wetland restoration reflective of existing feasibility studies,” and since the ReWild Mission Bay wetlands restoration feasibility study is just that, our plan will be considered should this SEP be approved. As we’ve long maintained, the Wildest proposal demonstrates the abundant potential for feasible wetland restoration in northeast Mission Bay.

If you’d like to comment on the agenda item at the Oct. 14th meeting by telephone or another remote option, there’s more information at the Regional Water Quality Control Board website. Put October 14th on your calendar, and we’ll share the details on how to get involved soon.