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December Planning Commission Meeting to Present EIR

Councilmember Joe Lacava with SDAS Staff Coral Weaver and Karina Ornelas

Just a quick update on what has been happening with the planning for more wetlands in Mission Bay! We have heard from our friends at the city that the long-awaited De Anza Cove Natural Plan (Programmatic EIR) is being finalized and will be presented to the Planning Commission in December.

We attended the previous Planning Commission meeting on September 21st to introduce the ReWild Coalition and our project, and will continue to attend their monthly meetings to connect with them and make public comments. 

The Commission meets twice a month on Thursday’s at 9am, and we will send an email update as soon as we receive the December meeting date. 

It’s important to show up to meetings, if you can, to show the city that there is a committed group of people who care about wetlands and remind them that we are here! We will be sending out talking points along with the finalized date so that the public and our coalition members feel empowered to make comments at these meetings. 

If you need a reminder about why we’re doing this, and why prioritizing wetland restoration is an opportunity we can’t miss, check out this photo of the endangered Ridgway’s rails that were released at the marsh and read this new op-ed that summarizes the ecological and economic benefits to restoring our natural infrastructure.

For more, check out several of our recent posts at the ReWild Mission Bay news page, and learn about why wetlands are vital to ecological balance. 

Thanks so much for loving our wetlands!

Karina Ornelas Holding Ridgway’s Rail