Mission Bay Wetland Restoration Comments Due Thursday

Not only does the EIR comment period close this Thursday the 20th, but there are two events also happening on Thursday where we need your presence, support, and comments.

Thank you to all our community partners, neighbors, and supporters of expanded outdoor recreation and wetland restoration for standing with ReWild Mission Bay earlier this month at the April 4th Mission Bay Park Committee meeting. Your voices and support made a huge difference!

There’s a lot happening this week as we approach the April 20th deadline to comment on the city’s De Anza Natural wetland restoration proposal draft EIR, but first — if you haven’t made your comment yet to the city, please do so now.

Don’t Wait – Submit Your ReWild Remarks

There’s three outlets for submitting your comments. First, make a general comment in support of ReWild and maximum wetland restoration via the city’s De Anza Natural page. Use some of the points we’ve outlined below.

Similarly, e-mail Scott Sandel with the city’s planning department at and let the city know we NEED maximum restored wetlands. Title the e-mail with “De Anza Natural Amendment to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan” in the subject line.

Comment on the draft EIR for the city’s De Anza Natural Plan at Be sure to put “De Anza Natural Amendment to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan PEIR” in the subject line, and mention some or all of these specifics:

  • The city’s draft EIR must prioritize water quality in Mission Bay by adding a specific project objective to “improve the water quality of the study area and the bay through natural, resilient infrastructure.” The 1994 Mission Bay Park Master Plan demands it.
  • The draft EIR is missing details on foreseeable impacts from sea level rise. How can we, the city, or anyone be expected to determine the best land-use plan without knowing how climate change will affect our park?
  • The city’s Climate Action Plan calls for 700 acres of restored tidal marsh by 2035. The Wildest plan provides the city with one of the best ways to achieve this goal, but the draft EIR for the De Anza Natural plan fails to evaluate its proposals against the city’s own Climate Action Plan goals.
  • The city’s proposal fails to analyze the recreational and cultural opportunities of connecting Mission Bay Park to a restored tidal ecosystem. Doing so would better balance and expand the park’s recreational offerings. All San Diegans, including our Kumeyaay neighbors and those in underserved communities, will benefit with access to a vibrant tidal marsh.

We Need You at Two Events on April 20th

Keep your ReWild Mission Bay shirts out! There’s a pair of events coming up this Thursday, April 20th where we again need your presence, support, and comments.

If you can, make similar remarks at the San Diego Parks and Recreation Board meeting this Thursday from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Balboa Park Club Ballroom, located at 2135 Pan American Way, San Diego, CA 92101. The city will present its De Anza Natural plan to the board as an information item. You’ll want to comment on Item 201. Attend the meeting in person or utilize this Zoom link.

There’s another meeting on Thursday where you can make non-agenda public comment as the City of San Diego Environment Committee meets beginning at 6 p.m. on the 12th floor at City Hall. Nothing regarding Mission Bay is on the agenda, but it would be a help if you could make non-agenda public comments at the top of the meeting in-person or via Zoom in support of ReWild and “maximum wetland restoration,” using our above points and your own experiences.

Whether you attend one meeting or both, if you’re there in person, be sure to wear your ReWild Mission Bay shirt.

Hashtag Us with #ReWildMissionBay

And finally, when posting any ReWild-related photos, tag them with #ReWildMissionBay #ReWild #MaximumWetlandRestoration.

We know this is a long and lengthy process — advocacy always is. Thank you again for your ongoing support. We’ll see you soon!

Viva ReWild!

Photos by Tommy Hough