ReWild Mission Bay on the American Shoreline Podcast

Andrew Meyer, Karina Ornelas, and Nora Ives discuss our campaign’s ongoing vision for ReWilding the northeast corner of the Mission Bay.

Whether you’re a frequent consumer of podcasts or you simply enjoy learning more about conservation campaigns, check out the April 9th edition of the American Shoreline Podcast as hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham feature ReWild Mission Bay in a conversation with our own Andrew Meyer, Karina Ornelas, and Nora Ives of San Diego Audubon.

Not only is our campaign’s vision for “ReWilding” the northeast corner of the bay discussed, but our team breaks down how wetland restoration may curb the worst effects of climate change and help our city meet its Climate Action Plan goals, as well as improve the bay’s water quality and overall public access, create greater climate resiliency, and serve as an immense carbon sequestration resource while providing the kind of green infrastructure that once protected the bay from storm surges.

Tune into the show at this link, or click on the icon above.