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City of San Diego Passes Proclamation Declaring Native Plant Week

Thank you to Councilmember Vivian Moreno, Councilmember Joe LaCava, and Mayor Todd Gloria for passing a Proclamation Declaring Native Plant Week in the city of San Diego! Native plants are good for birds and people.

And, as the City themselves said, native plants help protect our water quality and increase “the resilience of our coastal wetland and tidal habitats.”

We’re glad to see the City recognizing the need for native plant restoration—and especially glad that they’re acknowledging the value of wetland restoration. The ReWild Coalition will happily support the city when they are ReWilding coastal wetlands at the northern tip of Fiesta Island and in the ReWild area.

The time is now to choose the Wildest option!

For those of you looking to take action this Native Plant Week (April 17 – 23), come to Otay Valley Regional Park this Saturday the 23rd to plant native plants.