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ReWild Spotlight

Our partner at the American Academy of Pediatrics (California Chapter 3), Dr. Vi Nguyen, was recently featured on KPBS to talk about an upcoming exhibit at The Studio Door in Hillcrest: #WeBorrowTheEarthFromOurChildren.

It’s a youth art exhibit featuring K-12 art on climate change, supplemented by professional work. It has a preview night tomorrow, April 7 at The Studio Door with a reception on April 16. The exhibit runs through April 30.

In the interview, Dr. Vi Nguyen also spoke on climate change as a pediatric health issue – something this exhibit aims to highlight – and she gave a shout out to ReWild in the process!

One of the most obvious ways the environment impacts our health is water quality – something we at ReWild are all too aware of. Just last week, the water at Campland in Mission Bay had a “medium bacteria level” as per Surfrider’s Blue Water Task Force.

Researchers have just found microplastics in human lungs. We need ReWild to improve the Bay’s water quality for swimmers; wetlands act as the Bay’s kidneys, cleaning the water as it flows through.

Exhibits like this one also remind us that climate change has also had an effect on the mental health of our youngest members of society. You can learn more about the exhibition and listen to the KPBS story here.

Dr. Vi Nguyen is also working with ReWild to organize an upcoming Wander the Wetlands with radiologists and Girl Scouts. The event will include trash pickups and planting activities.

Wander the Wetlands occur every 2nd and 4th Saturday at Kendall-Frost Marsh, from 9am – 11am. It’s a great opportunity to come see what we’re fighting to protect.

You can follow Dr. Vi Nguyen, aka Dr. Plastic Picker, on her instagram.