De Anza Scoping Meeting Is Here!

This upcoming Monday, January 24 from 4:00 – 5:30pm, the city is holding a scoping meeting via zoom to hear feedback from the public.

Be sure to join the meeting and let the city know your thoughts!

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 811 4983 0815
Passcode: 515128

Here are some comments the City needs to hear from you!

  • Increase the wetland acreage by removing the channel from Rose Creek to De Anza and shrinking the island, moving more of these land uses into the Regional Parkland use
  • Shrink the spit west of Rose Creek and create an island farther south in the bay for high tide use by birds and protection of the marsh from Bay traffic
  • De Anza Cove should be for non-motorized boats only.
  • Increase the wetland acreage! More tidal wetlands mean more carbon sequestration to help the City meet its Climate Action Plan goals.
  • Show us how sea level rise affects the plan!
  • The interpretive center should be moved to the east side of Rose Creek and should include a cultural focus.
  • Low-Cost Visitor Accommodation needs to specifically allow group and tent camping and the lease should not “include open beach” as the beach must remain a public, shared shoreline.