We Need Your Support for ReWild This Wednesday

Last October we helped the City of San Diego acquire the funding and directive needed to create a new land use plan for the ReWild area of concern, with many of the same goals as our Wildest wetlands restoration proposal.

Throughout our effort to restore native wetlands in the northeast corner of Mission Bay, we’ve emphasized the benefit of expanding public access. That greater access would, in part, be enabled by the removal of the now-abandoned mobile homes on De Anza Point.

Now that the pandemic is receding, we expect the abandoned mobile homes to be removed. But due to the dilapidated state of many of them, water quality impacts and asbestos exposure to the environment are a concern.

Contamination of the soil at De Anza Point from the abandoned mobile homes is also a concern, especially in areas where children may eventually play.

This Wednesday, May 12, at 9 a.m., the California Coastal Commission will consider Campland’s application to remove the mobile homes – and also add 150 new RV spaces in their new lease site east of Rose Creek.

We oppose the permit as it’s currently written because it expands current RV uses. Please tell the California Coastal Commission on Wednesday you support the ReWild Mission Bay project, and make these three points:

1.)  Oppose the permit as is. The uses on De Anza must be temporary, but Campland’s new RV uses are an investment in expanding a land use, and prejudge the City’s larger Mission Bay planning process, thereby making Wildest restoration less likely.

2.)  Undertake soil tests of De Anza Point to find out if there is asbestos contamination from the mobile homes, or other contamination, before that area is disturbed with the removal of the abandoned mobile homes.

3.)  Ask for water quality testing in De Anza Cove so we know when the water is unsafe for swimming and boating.

No one wants dilapidated mobile homes to collapse upon removal and spill asbestos into the water or wind, and no one wants potential soil contamination from the site to go unaddressed.

Can you speak up for ReWild Mission Bay’s concerns this Wednesday at the 9 a.m. meeting of the California Coastal Commission? The item falls under Coastal Permit Applications, Item 15C, Application No. 6-20-0053 (Northeast MB, LLC, San Diego).

To speak in support of ReWild, you’ll need to fill out a speaker form and submit it by the close of business on Tuesday, May 11, at 5 p.m. Please be aware, because we need you to comment on an item in the middle of the agenda, your opportunity to speak may not come up until well into the meeting. Patience will be required.

For more on how the commenting process works, click here for procedures.