Connect with Councilmember Campbell About Why a Wild Mission Bay is Important to You

Councilmember Jennifer Campbell was elected to San Diego City Council in November, and has already taken an interest in the future of Mission Bay, located in the heart of her council district. She demonstrated her commitment to the bay by attending this year’s Love Your Wetlands Day at Kendall-Frost Marsh Preserve in February.

As chair of the San Diego City Council environment committee, Councilmember Campbell will have a unique opportunity to leave a lasting mark on Mission Bay. We’re hopeful that her legacy includes our proposal to ReWild the northeast corner of the bay at De Anza Cove and the mouth of Rose Creek with increased wetlands to:

  • Ensure cleaner water.
  • Restore our shoreline back to the public.
  • Better prepare for the rising sea levels we know are coming.
  • Revive the bay’s native habitat and wildlife.

If you have a moment, let Councilmember Campbell know about your commitment to ReWilding Mission Bay, and your desire to see the “Wildest” option fully analyzed as part of the city’s De Anza Revitalization planning process.

Share your personal experience with Mission Bay, and ask Councilmember Campbell to invite ReWild to make a presentation about the benefits of the Wildest option at the June meeting of the council’s Environment Committee.

You can send Councilmember Campbell a personal letter, an e-mail at, or make a call and leave a message:

Councilmember Jennifer Campbell
City Administration Building
202 C Street, 10th Floor
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-6622

ReWild not only offers an opportunity for Mission Bay to become a cleaner and more climate-resilient destination, it gives San Diegans a chance to reconnect with one of our city’s biggest parks by continuing its use for boating and family picnics – while adding a world-class educational destination and biological resource where visitors can learn about San Diego’s native wetland habitats, and ensure our park has the needed climate adaptation for the realities of the 21st century.

The Wildest option also provides the best opportunity to address the serious health effects of water pollution in Mission Bay, and ensures more wetland habitat will survive the ravages of climate change and sea level rise by providing sanctuary for endangered species like the Light-footed Ridgway’s Rail. It’s also the most cost-effective measure for the city, and delivers cleaner water and a cleaner environment for paddle-boarding, kayaking and swimming.

We know there’s so much more to the value of Mission Bay than driving by it at 70 miles per hour on Interstate 5. Write to Councilmember Campbell today and let her know about your personal experiences with Mission Bay, and what you’d like to see with the Wildest option being implemented in the ReWild plan.

Let’s make history. For all San Diegans, let’s ReWild our bay to its Wildest potential. Share your Mission Bay story today.