Be Seen and Be Heard – Come Out for ReWild This Saturday

Things are moving quickly as our ReWild campaign for Mission Bay ramps up.

As indicated in Thursday’s e-mail, we need to turn community members and stakeholders out in force for tomorrow’s Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 (C3) topic discussion on ReWild, which will be held at the Mission Bay High School library from 1 to 3 p.m.

We hope you, your friends, family and neighbors will join us to show your support.

C3 Topic Discussion on ReWild Mission Bay
Saturday, May 4
1 to 3 p.m.
Mission Bay High School Library
2475 Grand Ave.
San Diego, CA 92109

Our ReWild Mission Bay Feasibility Study shows the Wildest option for the bay not only produces the greatest volume of restored wetlands, but best improves water quality by filtering the bay with every high tide, and by cleansing Rose Creek as it enters Mission Bay.

Wildest also adds needed wetland protection buffers for adjoining communities and infrastructure, gives our shoreline back to the public, and remains the most cost-effective ReWilding option for the city.

We sent out an e-mail blast yesterday that shared our position that the city needs to fully analyze the Wildest option of the ReWild Mission Bay Feasibility Study at the same level of detail as their preferred De Anza Revitalization Plan.

We’re also asking the city to fully evaluate the elimination, or reduction in size, of its underutilized and unprofitable Mission Bay Golf Course, in order to allow more room for the bay’s needed revitalization. The road to a successful ReWilding of Mission Bay goes through the golf course property, with benefits for guest housing and camping, surrounding neighborhoods, and our native Mission Bay ecosystems and ecology.

The urgency for our supporters and stakeholders to attend tomorrow’s meeting is also due to several developments that have come up this week related to Campland, with the most significant being the revelation that the now-empty mobile homes at De Anza Cove have asbestos.

Campland is asking the city for a rushed approval of a seven-year extension of their existing lease, and a new lease to begin operation of the RV park on De Anza Point. This would circumvent the city’s planning process, and cement pavement and dredge spoil as the land uses in the northeast corner of Mission Bay. That is unacceptable.

After all, this is the same area where we most need water quality improvements, adaption to sea level rise, new recreation opportunities for park users, and restored access to our shoreline.

This is why your attendance at Saturday’s C3 event is so important. We need to ensure the Wildest option remains on track as the most effective course of action for the city, and spotlight the machinations of the De Anza RV Park plan as a reminder to our elected officials that backroom deals rob them of their ability to craft effective, lasting policy – and rob San Diegans of the wetland restoration and cleaner water Mission Bay so critically needs.

Please join us tomorrow – Saturday, May 4 – beginning at 1 p.m. at Mission Bay High School for the C3 topic discussion on ReWild Mission Bay. Wear your shirts, and tell your friends and family.

For ourselves and our wild neighbors who rely on our good decisions, let’s be seen and heard in our ongoing effort to ReWild Mission Bay. See you there.

Photo by Craig Chaddock.