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City to move flawed De Anza plans forward, November 7th at 6pm

Please mark your calendars for the Mission Bay Planning Committee Meeting to support wetland restoration
Tuesday, November 7th
Mission Bay High School

We know climate change is real. We are already seeing its impacts around our nation. Earlier this summer we saw the damage of climate change-fueled hurricanes, which we know wetlands help protect against. Closer to home, studies show chronic flooding from sea level rise is projected to harm much of San Diego County‚Äôs coastline in the coming decades.

Meanwhile, the City is creating plans for Mission Bay that seem to ignore this reality and threaten the future of the area’s remaining wetlands.

Join us on Tuesday, November 7, to tell the City that wetlands matter and their plans for De Anza should reflect that. This meeting is the first step moving the flawed plans up the City’s bureaucratic chain to City Council. Show up and support wetland restoration at the November 7th Mission Bay Park Committee meeting, held at Mission Bay High School from 6-8pm.

Earlier this summer, the City of San Diego revealed their updated plans for De Anza Point. Unfortunately these plans are driven by misguided priorities and have a shortsighted approach to protecting Mission Bay’s natural resources.(You can read San Diego Audubon’s response to these plans here).

We need to be there every step up of the way to show our support for wetlands and the birds that rely on them. What the City does at De Anza directly impacts the precious wetlands we’re working to protect in Mission Bay.

Wear your ReWild t shirt and join us on November 7 to tell the City – wetlands matter!