City Council Declines to Pursue Rose Creek Park Opportunity as Part of Balboa Ave. Station Plan

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aug. 1, 2019 San Diego, Calif.  –  In a unanimous 9-0 vote at City Hall, San Diego City Council approved the Balboa Avenue Station Area Specific Plan, but declined to include a park designation for neighboring Rose Creek, even though the Rose Creek Bicycle Path is an integral component of the plan […]

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Our Opportunity for Renewal and Parkland at Rose Creek

As Pacific Beach and Clairemont residents know, a new trolley stop and transit center is under construction at the base of Balboa Ave. adjacent to the newly-renovated Morena Blvd. interchange. The station is expected to go on-line in 2021, and is being completed under the Balboa Avenue Station Area Specific Plan (BASASP). City acronyms aside, the […]