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Another De Anza ad hoc Committee Meeting Scheduled for Thursday

Join us this Thursday the 6th for another “final” De Anza ad hoc Committee meeting and help make the case for Wildest-scale wetland restoration.

Never say “final.”

It turns out another final De Anza Natural ad hoc Committee meeting has been added to the calendar for this Thursday, July 6th, at 6 p.m., as the committee considers a recommendation on the city’s De Anza Natural restoration proposal (Item 301 on the agenda) to the Mission Bay Park Committee, as well as to the city’s Parks and Recreation Board.

Once again, Thursday’s meeting will be at Paradise Point Resort, located at 1404 Vacation Rd. at Mission Bay.

We’re so very appreciative of your attendance and remarks last week in support of the presentations from ReWild Coalition members Friends of Rose Canyon and Renascence – thank you for making the time to join us!

We hope you can join us again this Thursday the 6th, and if possible, make remarks in support of Wildest-scale wetland restoration with the greatest volume of restored wetlands to ensure the best chance for habitat preservation and sea level rise resilience.

The De Anza Natural ad hoc Committee will submit its final report to the full Mission Bay Park Committee at that body’s July 11th meeting. We hope you can join us then as well. More to come.

In the meantime, mark your calendars and we’ll see you this Thursday, July 6th. Viva ReWild!

Photos by Greg Hoxsie