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Support ReWild at the Final De Anza ad hoc Committee Meetings

It’s imperative that ad hoc committee members see engaged ReWild supporters in attendance and making remarks at meetings this Tuesday and next.

This Tuesday the 20th and next Tuesday the 27th mark the final two meetings of the De Anza ad hoc Committee.

The meetings this week and next will be held at 6 p.m. at the Sunset Room at Paradise Point Resort at 1404 Vacation Rd. We’d like to ask you to attend tomorrow’s meeting and the final ad hoc committee meeting on the 27th to show your support for ReWild.

It’s imperative that committee members see engaged ReWild Mission Bay supporters and coalition members in attendance wearing our ReWild Mission Bay shirts, making non-agenda public comments at the beginning of the meeting, or asking questions during the meeting.

Over the last several weeks the committee has been hearing from stakeholders affected by the De Anza revitalization plan. This is important becuse the ad hoc committee will issue a report to the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission, as well as to the full Mission Bay Park Committee ahead of their July 11th meeting, when they’re expected to consider a position on the De Anza Natural Plan.

We’ve made it clear the city must add additional acres of wetland at the Wildest level in order for the restoration plan to be successful. We’ve also detailed shortcomings in the De Anza Natural plan on water quality and impacts from sea level rise. In additon, we’ve included similar remarks from several different regulatory agencies, and have added their comment letters to our website.

We expect another key ReWild Coalition supporter to appear before the De Anza Natural ad hoc Committee on June 27th, but we’d like to ask you to wear your ReWild shirts and please attend the next two meetings on Tuesday, June 20th and June 27th at 6 p.m.

Thank you again for your ongoing support!

We’ll see you the next two Tuesdays at 6 p.m. at Paradise Point Resort! Viva ReWild!

Photo by Tommy Hough