ReWild In The News

ReWild Mission Bay has been in the news a lot recently. Here’s a rundown of some of the exciting stories we’ve been a part of.

Dr. Ben, from the SD Pediatricians for Clean Air, just posted this blogpost Saving Our Wetlands: A Climate Solution To Improve Community Health on Climate for Health, highlighting the mental and physical health benefits of preserving our wetlands.

Right now, ReWild is working on a project with Renascence, Native Like Water, Scripps and UCSD to organize discussions with Native American leaders about future management and access to Kendall Frost Marsh. The Blue Carbon aspect to this grant just got prime billing in this Voice of San Diego piece: Mission Bay Mud That Could Be Worth Millions, by MacKenzie Elmer.

The piece is a great overview of the complexity and opportunity of blue carbon, recently shared by Patti Leiberg-Clark in our Blue Carbon Assessment for Kendall-Frost Marsh webinar, in partnership with UCSD.

We’re also working with WILDCOAST and others to understand the management history and its impact on blue carbon, and to get that into the County and the City’s climate action plans.

ReWild was also just featured in a short article by the Public News Service as a showcase for the blue carbon opportunities that California is well-poised to embrace, according to a new Pew Trust and Smithsonian report. Read the report here: Report: California Wetlands Help Slow Climate Change.

Two days ago, the State Lands Commission addressed this letter to the City of San Diego regarding the recent Coastal Commission fine on a lessee for blocking public access.

Lands underlying Campland and Mission Bay RV Resort are subject to the Public Trust , and “the City is responsible for assuring that its lessees of trust lands are in compliance with their leases.”

Great work to the Environmental Center of San Diego for working so positively with the Coastal Commission on this issue.

It’s great to have the ReWild Wildest goal championed now, as global leaders head to Glasgow for the UN Climate meeting. San Diego should be showcasing tidal wetland restoration now!