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Note to Our ReWild Coalition Allies and Supporters

We wanted to say thank you again for joining us at San Diego City Hall on Monday for the council vote on new RV camping leases in the northeast corner of Mission Bay.

We also want to say thank you again to all of our amazing coalition supporters, including Citizens Coordinate for Century III (C3), which made time to put together a workable plan for Mission Bay Park that incorporated our “Wildest” option. We also want to say thank you to Sierra Club San Diego, which went to bat for our campaign in a big way.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we’re disappointed we came up short in council, but thanks are due again for the votes we received, including Councilmember Vivian Moreno (D-8), who also voted against the lease proposal in her capacity as chair of the Land Use and Housing Committee earlier this month.

We also want to say thank you again to Council President Georgette Gómez (D-9), who again demonstrated her commitment to transparency, public process, and the environment with her vote on Monday.

And we want to say thank you to Council President Pro Tem and mayoral candidate Barbara Bry (D-1), who not only reminded San Diegans of her journalism background and training in her line of questioning on Monday, but said about the vote:

“I was disappointed in the City Council’s vote earlier this week to extend the lease of city land for Mission Bay’s Campland and expand it to include DeAnza Point.

There were significant environmental issues regarding this lease, and there was also the issue of the 1987 vote in which 79 percent of San Diego voters amended the City Charter to prevent over-development of Mission Bay Park.

I voted against the lease extension because it perpetuates the very type of development voters sought to control in 1987, and it was a bad deal for city taxpayers.

I want to thank Councilmembers Georgette Gómez and Vivian Moreno for joining me in taking the side of voters and taxpayers.”

There’s more to come, especially as we put our long-range plan into effect. In the meantime, get out to the bay this weekend and have fun, and thank you for all your support the last few weeks.