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ReWild Coalition Remains Strong, Despite Short-Sighted Council Vote

Sometimes you put your best foot forward, and you still don’t get the result you want.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened on Monday at City Hall, as San Diego City Council voted to approve new and extended Campland leases by a 6-3 vote. The new leases will take effect July 1, sidelining wetland restoration in Mission Bay for the time being.

We cannot begin to express the magnitude of our thanks to YOU for your support, your efforts, making signs, wearing your ReWild shirts, and for joining us at community meetings and council hearings over the last several years and especially over the last several weeks.

As volunteers, we’ve asked a great deal from you, and you never let us down.

And despite getting the short end of the stick on the vote, ReWild Mission Bay came out of Monday’s City Council meeting with strength:

  • We have demonstrated, in public and before our City Council, that the ReWild Mission Bay coalition is a strong organization of diverse San Diegans from a variety of backgrounds and communities who are concerned about our bay’s future.
  • Multiple councilmembers have now stated on the record they want our Wildest plan to be fully analyzed in the ongoing planning process.
  • Multiple councilmembers have now stated their support for substantial wetland restoration in northeast Mission Bay. We will hold them to it.

Special thanks to Council President Georgette Gómez (D-9), Council President Pro Tem and mayoral candidate Barbara Bry (D-1), and Councilmember Vivian Moreno (D-8), who voted with us for the environment and against the proposal.

You may recall Councilmember Moreno similarly opposed the measure at the June 12 meeting of the Land Use and Housing committee, which she chairs.

As we move to put our long-term strategy into play, we ask that you take a moment to extend your thanks and gratitude to each of these ReWild Mission Bay heroes:

Council President Georgette Gómez (D-9)
(619) 236-6699

Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry (D-1)
(619) 236-6611

Councilmember Vivian Moreno (D-8)
(619) 236-6688

Here’s our press release and official statement, and there’s more to come. The ReWild Mission Bay coalition will remain an active member of our conservation community, and will continue to fight for wetlands, wildlife public access and clean water in northeast Mission Bay.

Look for upcoming opportunities to go on nature walks and hikes with ReWild around Mission Bay, and keep submitting letters and the opinion pieces to our local papers and news media outlets.

And for some extra food for thought, ask your favored candidate for mayor where they stand on ReWild Mission Bay, and how they will determine how lease extensions in the future.

Thank you for all your support, especially at our City Hall rally on Monday. We’re not finished. There’s still work to be done.