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Join Us Monday at City Council to Support Wetlands, Wildlife and Clean Water

On Monday, the full San Diego City Council will consider two lease proposals in the northeast corner of Mission Bay that could preclude meaningful wetland restoration for years to come. If there was a single day the ReWild Mission Bay campaign needed your presence more than any other, this Monday is it. We need you beginning at 12:30 p.m. this Monday, June 24, at Civic Center Plaza.

The leases in question were recommended to the full council earlier this month by the city’s Land Use and Housing Committee, with the exception of committee chair Vivian Moreno, who courageously voted against the package.

One of the leases extends the current Campland location on the west side of Rose Creek for another five years, with three potential one-year extensions.

The other lease enables Campland to move east across Rose Creek to manage the De Anza RV Park on De Anza Point. To sweeten the deal, Campland has offered to remove the now-vacant mobile homes on the southern portion of De Anza Point, in part, so that Campland may utilize that site as well.

While we applaud the removal of the mobile homes and want to ensure camping, along with other uses, will continue in northeast Mission Bay, we’ve noted our concern with the rushed process, lack of public input, and closed-door decisions that may have affected outcomes.

Most of all we’re concerned because, if passed, the new leases will prevent meaningful wetland restoration in northeast Mission Bay for at least another five years – perhaps longer.

Please wear your ReWild Mission Bay shirt and join the ReWild coalition at Civic Center Plaza by City Hall this Monday, June 24, at 12:30 p.m. at 202 West C St., San Diego, CA 92101. The council meeting will get underway at 2 p.m.

As always, go to the ReWild Mission Bay website for more, and if you haven’t sent your e-mail to the mayor and councilmembers yet, please do so here, or ask a friend or family member to send a message if you’ve already done so.

See you Monday.