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Return of the Least Terns

Mission Bay nesting sites are prepped and awaiting the endangered California Least Tern’s arrival from its overwintering grounds down south. Thousands of volunteer hours have been spent this year restoring their nesting sites to help them have a successful season. Thanks so much for the blood, sweat, and tears of the hundreds of volunteers that have donated their time and weed-pulling expertise. The terns will be here any day now–we’ve gotten reports of them in San Diego South Bay!

Call and write your Councilmembers and let them know that Mission Bay needs improved water quality and resiliency to sea level rise, and that you want Wildest fully analyzed in the City’s planning process. We (and the birds!) need a wetland restoration that is ready for the future! Find your Councilmember and their emails right here.

thumb_IMG_20190323_093836857_1024.jpgVolunteers help ready endangered California Least Tern nesting habitat at Mariner’s Point