King Tides at Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve

On January 20th and 21st, the California Coast will experience #KingTides. These are when the tides get the highest they will get all year. While such tides only occur a few times a year now, it is predicted these high waves will become the new normal as sea level continues to rise. King Tides will give us a valuable way of visualizing sea level rise at the ReWild Mission Bay site.

Join the Audubon Society’s photo posts to document these high water levels.

On the 21st, educators will be at the Crown Point Drive overlook of Kendall Frost Reserve between 9 and 11am and on the Mike Gotch Pedestrian Bridge between 1 and 3pm to hear your stories of high and low tides, share information about king tides and how sea level rise is impacting our local coastline.

Come ready to snap shots of the coast with your smartphone or camera!