ReWild Mission Bay in full swing- final report soon to come!

After three and a half years of research and development, four public workshops, dozens of working group meetings, and considerable effort by our consultant team, we are excited to announce that the full ReWild Mission Bay Feasibility Study Report has been handed over to our Science and Technical Advisory Committee!
What is the ReWild Mission Bay Feasibility Study Report?
For the first time all elements of the ReWild report, including hydrological modeling, cost estimates, and detailed public access plans, have come together in the final report. This report is big – nearly 200 pages – and also includes next steps to implement the findings of the Feasibility Study Report into on-the-ground restoration.
How did we get here?
Last summer you all contributed to the “draft final alternatives” – the revised conceptual plans for how wetlands can be sustainably restored in Mission Bay. Our consultant team took your comments, plus input from the City and scientists, and finalized details of the three plans. Based on the feasibility of each plan, their report includes an evaluation of how well each plan actually acheives the ReWild goal of restoring wetlands to benefit our community.

What’s next?
As we speak, our consultant team of engineers, landscape architects, biologists, and more is busy analyzing and evaluating the final draft alternatives. Next we’ll incorporate their expertise and and release the report to the public.
You’ll be the first to know
We are shooting for mid April to release the finalized report- and we can’t wait to show it to you! You’ll be invited to a final public workshop that unveils the report.
As the ReWild Mission Bay project progresses, you’ll continue to hear from us every step of the way. Thank you for your dedication to ReWild and your enthusiasm to see wetlands habitat protected.