ReWild Mission Bay

It’s on! City reschedules canceled De Anza meeting and we need you there

RSVP here. We need YOU to show up for ReWild Mission Bay at the MB Park Committee:


Tuesday, December 5th, 6PM
Mission Bay High School


Last month, the City canceled the public meeting where they were going to move the flawed De Anza plans up the chain toward City Council. Now that meeting is back on, to be held December 5th at 6pm. We need YOU there in your ReWild hats and t-shirts to stand up for the wetlands and wildlife that mean so much to our communities.


We are at a crucial point in the battle to protect Mission Bay’s wetlands, which will be directly impacted by the City’s plans for De Anza. While the City it attempting to fast-track the “revitalization” of De Anza Point, they are ignoring sea level rise and what it will take to keep our wetlands safe – now and in the future.


We need you to join us in telling the City that wetlands matter. We can’t let them miss their chance to protect wetlands for future generations. 


Tell the Mission Bay Park Committee: Do NOT take action to adopt the De Anza plans on December 5th. Instead, develop plans that adequately protect wetlands today and in the future.


Feel free to use the following “talking points” in providing the City with feedback:

Earlier this summer, the City of San Diego revealed their updated plans for De Anza Point. Unfortunately these plans are driven by misguided priorities and have a shortsighted approach to protecting Mission Bay’s natural resources.(You can read San Diego Audubon’s response to these plans here).

We need to be there every step up of the way to show our support for wetlands and the birds that rely on them. What the City does at De Anza directly impacts the precious wetlands we’re working to protect in Mission Bay.

Wear your ReWild t shirt and join us on December 5th to tell the City – wetlands matter!